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Digital Models

Send your models or impressions like normal and

We'll do the rest!!

3 easy steps to digitize your models or impressions.


Submit Your Case

Simply, submit a patient's case just as you normally do.

Don't change a thing...you can send a wet impression, pvs or stone model along with the bite registration and we will take care of the rest.


For FREE Local Pick-up call 209.Lab.Pros (522.7767)




Scan & Upload

OLP will scan your impressions or plaster models to create a precise HD-3D representation of the patient's file. Once digitized, we will clean up any imperfections and add a study model base, per your specifications.


We also accept STL Files and are partnered with EasyRx. This partnership allows us to transfer data securely and is 100% HIPPA compliant. EasyRx works with most intraoral scanners; iTero, Lythos, True Definition, Trios, and more.




Digital Viewing Access

Once you order is complete, you will receive an email from OLP notifying you that your models have been scanned and are ready to view. A link will be provided in each email directing you to the EasyRx login in page. All files can be accessed through EasyRx from any computer and is always password protected.

OLP has a variety of shipping options to fit your needs. We offer priority and overnight shipping depending on case volume. Give us a call to get some details and we will get you started today. 209.Lab.Pros (522.7767)

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mon - fri 8am to 5pm pst


847 N Cluff Ave Suite B-2

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